Build A Dream (National Not For Profit):

As the main graphic designer at Build A Dream, I'm in charge of making sure our visual style stays consistent across different things like websites and flyers. My job is to create digital and paper materials that match what our brand stands for and get our message across well. I focus on making stuff like posters and brochures that appeal to both students and adults.


  • Led the creation of detailed brand guidelines to maintain a consistent brand image across different platforms.
  • Ensured seamless integration of sponsor logos while adhering to their branding guidelines.
  • Collaborated on government grant projects, prioritizing swift approval with minimal revisions.
  • Talked between outside groups and our team to make sure everyone understands what we're doing with design.
  • Worked with other teams to make sure our designs help with our plans for marketing and business.
Brand Guide
Brand Guide

Digital & Printable Creative Assets:

This section showcases some of my latest creative works, including graphic designs, illustrations, and digital artworks at Build A Dream.

Creative 1
Creative 2
Creative 3
Creative 4
Hrithik playing Guitar
TVC 2 Banner image
Product Packaging Mockup, created a Fun and Memorable Experience

B2B Marketing Collateral For Print

As a graphic designer, I created B2B marketing collateral for print. I considered the company's branding, target audience, and print specifications. I collaborated with the marketing team to ensure a high-quality final product that met their goals.


  • Conducted research on the company's brand guidelines and target audience.
  • Developed design concepts and ensured they aligned with the company's branding and messaging.
  • Created print-ready designs that met the printing vendor's specifications.
  • Reviewed proofs and made necessary adjustments to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Communicated and collaborated with the marketing team to ensure the final product met their expectations and goals.

These responsibilities helped ensure that the final product was high-quality, effective in communicating the intended message, and aligned with the company's branding and marketing objectives.

B2B Magazine/Book Designs For Print

As a graphic designer, designing a printable magazine was a challenging and rewarding experience...


  • Conducted research and gathered inspiration
  • Worked closely with the editorial team to ensure layout accommodated content and enhanced reading experience.
  • Paid close attention to typography, color scheme, and image placement for a cohesive design.
  • Considered printing limitations and collaborated with printers to ensure proper file formatting.
  • Designed a visually appealing magazine that looked great in print.
Magazine showcasing kid students who code
Magazine back cover
Magazine front page named Gazatte
Website Landing page mockup prototype Mobile prototype Mockup